Happy Fourth and all that….

As the country gears up for Fourth of July my little corner of the world is bracing for a possible category 1 hurricane. While hurricanes are nothing new in my neck of the woods (We usually have parties at neighbors’ houses when these hit and beer is probably the number one staple purchased when New Englanders here the word “Hurricane”) it is rather odd how early the season seems to be starting. Does not bode well for us. We are certainly due for the “Big one”

big one

Speaking of “Big ones” I’d like to touch  several things today: The Cephalonian Method I tried the other day and dealing with patrons.

I had a mini session focused on database searching which will have a  follow up on citation in a few weeks. I also tried for the first time introducing these flash cards that had questions on them for the students  I created 8 cards (which at the time I didn’t realize I only had 8 students so it worked out well)  focused on databases. You can find them by reading about them here.  I passed them out in no particular order but they were numbered 1-8. As I did my “spiel” I would say, who has number 1? And the student asked the question to which I gave an answer. It was interactive and broke up the monotony of me just droning on about the wonder of databases and how Wikipedia is bad, mmmmkay.

Overall, I will definitely do this again as I felt it went over very well with the students and the instructor.  As I left the class feeling pretty good about myself  and walked back in to the library my mood changed in a heartbeat.  One of my staff was in an altercation with a former student. What the argument was about is neither here not there but what scared me a bit was he was clearly on something.  Working in an urban environment I have had to deal with a few drunks from time to time but clearly this was something a bit stronger. But his looks didn’t disarm me as much as the fact as we got him out of the library and closed up for the day he proceeded to follow the staff member and myself to the parking garage. This is where it gets a bit scary. Thankfully  nothing happened but it does make one pause and think of this is where I work. I work in an environment that you need to be on your toes. Aware of your surroundings at all times. Hopefully, we will not see this character again.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun filled Fourth of July and here is my suggested book of the day:




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