Presenting at MCCLPHEI

Last Thursday my colleague and I traveled to Salem, Massachusetts to present a poster session on  our paper about Library Instruction redesign for MCCLPHEI Conference.

Earlier in the semester we participated in a norming session using the LEAP value rubrics to assess how effective our instruction classes were using the one shot method.  We sat down with several faculty members (We bribed them with stipends) and evaluated over 22 artifacts from three different disciplines: English, Early Childhood Education and Clinical Lab Science. . What we found was citation for students was falling by the wayside. For example, using the book Shawshank redemption but not citing the actual book, or not giving credit for direct quotes and images.  This made us reevaluate how we give our instruction classes. We decided we would redefine how we approached information literacy. This is what we came up with:

  One-Shot Library Instruction Session with a Chaser

o   Librarians will teach information literacy concepts to your students over one class period

o   Librarians will return to the class at a later date to check on the progress of the research and offer any additional assistance

Multiple Sessions

o   Librarians will provide short information literacy sessions (20 minutes on average) several times over the semester, as determined by faculty needs.

Embedded Librarians

o   Embed a librarian in your online or hybrid classes, involving them in your assignment


We actually submitted our paper to ACRL for the 2015 conference (fingers crossed).

What was interesting at our poster session is that there was much “buzz” about it. Several community colleges have already approached my director to work with us as a state wide initiative. So this could be an interesting journey. I’ll keep you posted.

Here is the libguide we created as a result of our research. And our posterboard:





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