Here we go!

I haven’t blogged in so long but here we go again.  I am a community college academic librarian who is in the process of creating a brand new academic library at our New Bedford campus location. We have two buildings. One is a state of the art facility with top notch computer labs and classrooms. And then there is my building.  We share space with a University.  Our side consists of 6 rooms.  At one point this library was in an even smaller room with one small shelf of donated textbooks. When the college renovated the other building we were not included in the new space. To placate us we were given a bigger room.  It is sunny and cheerful with new stacks and new computers. The drawback? The faculty and classrooms are in the other building. So I have had to be creative on getting people in here. Even though we are only a block apart it’s like the great divide. Honestly, if this was a college campus you would still have to walk to your library. But we are in an urban setting so around here a block might as well be from here to the moon. And if it’s in-climate weather? Good luck!  Also, trying to keep reminding my colleagues that collection development should include us too! At the staff meeting yesterday I had to keep  the “main campus” librarians mindful of the fact that we are a growing campus and I need a “piece of the pie” to make sure my collection is relevant for our programs.  Thankfully, I have a good support in my boss and most of my fellow co-workers. (Most..but you know how that goes..ego tripping it’s everywhere).


So, in other news, all the books I placed a hold on came in today. It’s what people would call “netflixing” but with books. #firstworldlibrarianproblems

2014-06-18 13.47.46


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